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PR Stars creator Heather Burgett is a PR expert who can help you get your story out there in a way it has never been seen before.

“I teach others how to shine their light in the world. When we highlight our signature gifts, that’s when we create compelling stories, capture headlines and win a global audience.”

I’m excited to share 20 years of public relations experience to empower visionaries to tell their stories to the world.

Originally from a small town in New England, I started my career in tech PR in Cambridge, Massachusetts (at The Weber Group, now Weber Shandwick), launching America Online as a consumer brand, and then held a stint in hospitality PR at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston.

Next, I hopped on a plane to Hollywood to follow my dream of working in film publicity where my first movie project was “The Blair Witch Project.” I started my own PR business at the age of 28.

As an award-winning publicist that has worked with unknown underdogs to Grammy and Oscar-winning clients, my counsel has been heeded by entrepreneurs, celebrities, authors, philanthropists, rock stars and top brands.

I’m also a published contributing writer and travel writer, and I launched my own signature aromatherapy line that garnered a celebrity following and national media coverage.

Having established a reputation as a results-oriented professional with the highest integrity is my cornerstone. Representing hundreds of clients and securing major national and international editorial media attention for them is what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Press that has featured me includes the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, PR Week, Variety, CSQ: C-Suite Quarterly, and KCET-TV’s “SoCal Connected.”

I’m here to serve other entrepreneurs and creative spirits like you, to help you overcome obstacles in your business by teaching you how to execute your own stellar PR campaigns that generate awareness, capture headlines and impact a global audience—all so you can have the success that you desire and live the life of your dreams.

It’s time to shine your light, bring your dreams to fruition and establish your legacy!

Keep on shining,