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Welcome to your official invitation to the

Are you tired of being the Best Kept Secret in your Industry?

It’s Time to go from Unknown to Unforgettable!

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Get Clarity. Get Visible. Go Global.

Want to SERVE more people with your special GIFTS

Know you have a TRUE CALLING but you’re still playing small


Crave GLOBAL AWARENESS and want to reach a bigger AUDIENCE

Think “FREE advertising and PR” sounds like a good idea (uh, yah!)

The PR Stars Inner Circle will show you how to go global without selling your soul.

I’m Heather Burgett, an award-winning publicist with a background in the healing arts. You’re getting a mainstream PR pro and business mentor who is also on a spiritual path. This rare combo allows me to intuitively guide you into the spotlight in a high vibe way.

In my PR Stars Inner Circle, you’ll get personalized access to me and my 20+ years experience in the PR world—from Hollywood to Silicon Valley. I’ve worked on high profile projects and rubbed elbows with top names in the business—like Sir Richard Branson and Steven Spielberg.

Inside, you’ll learn how to grow your global online presence so your dream audience, gigs and clients are attracted to you—AND they’ll want to work with you and hire you right away.

Publicist Heather Burgett with actors

Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green at

Bob Saget’s Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine Fundraiser


Below is a sampling of Heather’s projects and clientele…

…a soul-fueled award-winning PR rep by your side

…helping you implement high vibe SHINE STRATEGIES

…to get visible and impact the world with your message.

All without confusion or overwhelm.

You’ll get the steps to get your own publicity and more visibility so you won’t ever have to hire an agency!

And if you’re too busy to do all the work, that’s okay! We’ll first get you delegating to free interns and/or assistants.

It’s Heather’s priority to keep you out of overwhelm, so she’ll teach you how and what to delegate.

Become the Go-To Leader in your field in less time and with less effort thanks to Heather’s P.R. S.T.A.R. Signature Formula.

Below are the 12 modules + all the other resources and bonuses you get…

In your PR Stars Inner Circle Orientation, you’ll get a guided tour through the program so you know exactly what to focus on first. You’ll learn how to maximize your success in the program.

This expanded HARO Training is one of my most popular strategies, and it’s what I call the “gateway drug” into PR. Our Inner Circle members get incredible press results thanks to my “Top 10 Hacks” inside this training. Warning: This process is easy and addictive!

In the Product Placement module, you’ll discover all the ways to pitch and land you and your products and/or services in your favorite media outlets! From holiday gift guides, editorial calendars, celebrity gifting and influencer marketing, you’ll learn invaluable tactics for elevating your brand, products and services!

Speaking is a vital part of developing your image and reputation. How you present yourself will determine your bookings for broadcast media. We’ll clarify your messaging, Talking Points & Sound Bites, as well as Media Training for on-camera interviews, and also cover how to book yourself for paid Speaking Opportunities!

You will learn how to identify if you’re NEWSWORTHY. Then, you can write your press release or media alert and distribute it to a global audience. I’m revealing my exact step-by-step formula to get your business into the online universe for worldwide exposure. I’ve used this tactic for hundreds of agency clients for maximum impact. We’ll cover media tracking and how to measure ROI.

Creating your visual identity to consistency across all platforms, BRANDING is one aspect of your business that takes you to the next level. The right brand works like a magnet to draw in ideal customers/clients and opportunities. ALERT: the wrong branding will hurt you. Ensuring your branding represents you is paramount. You’ll learn how to create or re-vamp your brand—and also how to protect it.

No two press pitches are ever exactly the same. This is where you can have fun and get creative with telling your story. The PITCH is the hook that enrolls the press in your vision because it’s something new, fresh and exciting. Customizing your pitch is essential to land editorial media coverage. You’ll also get my Ultimate Pitch Guide and the PR Stars National Days Calendar to help you with year-round story ideas.

Writing your message and publishing it on your blog and as a contributing writer is one of the best ways to enroll others in your vision, AND it attracts press! Copywriting is used everywhere to convey who you are and what you do. Communicating your messages through your own voice is one of the best ways to increase credibility with the press and your audience.

The intersection of traditional public relations and Digital Marketing is what comprises your digital PR footprint. This is about your online presence and how it’s perceived by the public-at-large. Everything that is done in this realm is to ATTRACT, CONVERT, CLOSE and DELIGHT your audience!

PR is the glue across all your platforms—and your social media is inextricably linked with your public relations. Your social presence can make or break your image and reputation! We’re covering content, growth, engagement, and ways to consistently leverage social for your brand—all from a PR perspective.

Discover the top must haves for your PR collateral and the best ways to be prepared when it comes to delivering your press assets. When placing your story with the press, you’ll be prepared and ready to go so that you get the incredible result of accurate coverage with impactful images or video. Learn the key components in a press kit / EPK and how to easily and effectively share your materials—this ensures impactful results!

Events are a brilliant way to land mainstream press and get your organization, cause or message out to the world in a big way! Whether it’s a small intimate retreat, workshop or a large scale conference, there are three main phases to conducting your event publicity campaign. In this module, you’ll discover how an event can be an integral component to making an impressive splash in the media and raising awareness, as well as funds.

Media Lists ($1,000 Value)

Video Trainings ($2,000 Value)

Templates ($1,200 Value)

Checklists ($250 Value)

Cheat Sheets ($250 Value)

Exclusive Documents ($1,000 Value)

and More!

Total Value:

$5,000 +

Holistic Approach to PR

The PR STAR strategy is spiritually grounded and geared specifically to you. This makes your business limitless. This is not just a toolbox of PR tactics! We come from a spiritual perspective so you’ll always feel aligned with your message, purpose and goals. You’re not going to find this combo anywhere else—I infuse my 500+ hours of healing arts training to guide you!

Specific Guidance to Fast-Track your Progress

You’ll get pinpointed guidance on the strategies that are going to work best so that you can fast-track your progress without wasting time on trainings that don’t apply. I know that PR can feel daunting, and I have a huge library of trainings, but don’t worry. The member hub is clearly organized so you can always find what you need.

All Access Pass with a Purpose

You’re getting an all access pass to all my trainings with built-in support from my community. We are a group of heart-centered professionals that believe in the power of positivity and high vibrations. You are elevated in my Inner Circle, which holds the space for you to succeed and reach your goals so you won’t have to spin your wheels!


If you hired a PR Firm (mine included), you’d easily pay anywhere from $5k – 10k per month with a at least a 6-month minimum, and my hourly rate averages $1k – 2k/hr.

In Inner Circle, you’ll get hours of detailed guidance in my trainings and bonus calls for a tiny fraction of the price of hiring an agency. 

You’ll have Lifetime ACCESS to my extensive library of Coaching Call Video Replays, and you’ll have the “rinse & repeat” steps to do this work for yourself for years to come. 

It will only take your time, and if you’re short on time, I also advise on how you can delegate this work to interns and assistants.

I’ve got 20+ years experience and have placed my clients in virtually every major media publication. This image is just a sampling of the magazines and newspapers where they’ve appeared.

This is all about getting higher visibility so that you can spread your message or movement into the world on a wider scale.

Not only do you get my two decades of experience and wisdom in business, the healing arts, and PR & marketing, but you also have access to my vetted and recommended network of top-level powerhouse business pros who are 100% committed to your success. As a member you’ll get access to our Spotlight Speaker Sessions. All the professionals in my community are happy to connect with my members and even offer free bonus resources.

Quin Curtis

Branding Expert

Karen Asp

Award-Winning Journalist

Sophia Parra

Social Media Expert

Anne Popolizio

Digital Marketing Expert

Kristen Sweeney

Copywriting Expert

Asha Dahya

Editor & TEDx Speaker

Karen McDermott

Publisher, Author & Speaker

Karen Donaldson

Speaking Expert & Coach

Debra Englander

Debra Englander

Editor & Publishing Expert

Stacy Jones

Influencer Marketing Expert

Natasha Bobijl

Event Management Expert

Kavita Daswani

Author & Journalist


Lifetime Membership: Sign-up now and get lifetime membership to the program. There are no monthly fees or yearly renewal dues. Once you are a member, you’re in for life! You’ll maintain access to the program, as well as all the bonus features, for as long as they exist. We also update it as needed because the PR world changes constantly and the media landscape is always shifting.

Ongoing Updates Included: When I learn and test something that I know will make your life easier, I’ll share it. You’ll get only the most current and relevant information—and never be wasting your time. We’re constantly adding new tools, features and resources to the Inner Circle, as well as giving you priority access to events. As a member, you’ll get access to everything, including the growing PR Resource Library—and anything else that’s new!

High-level Global Networking: You’ll be networking with like-hearted high-performing business owners and creatives from all over the globe. My community members collaborate together, become accountability partners, interview each other on their podcasts or in their magazines, and support each other with insight, feedback, resources, positive vibes and encouragement.

Special Offers: In our “Just for Inner Circle” section, you’ll find exclusive offers, discounts and promotions that are only available to members. You’ll also be the first to know about any new offerings from PR Stars.


Stars Aligned PR Bootcamp” ($2k value) – This is where you’ll get the 6-step P.R. S.T.A.R. formula so that you will know how to create your own publicity campaign. The most common response to this program is that my members realize how easy it is and that you can actually do it yourself—or know how to delegate it. We’re going to cut through all of your PR confusion and fears in six easy steps so that you have the big picture for world domination—if you want it.

“PR Secrets Revealed” Summit ($200 value) – Hear how 20+ industry experts have rocked their PR, marketing and branding without a PR agency. Find out their insider tips, tools and tactics for major success in getting visible and achieving massive success.

The PR Survival Guide Calendar

After seeing all the awesomeness that you get, are you wondering how you’ll get it all done?!

Do you worry that you won’t have the time or the money to make everything happen?

Never fear—the PR Survival Guide Calendar is here. Get my exclusive 12-month calendar that breaks down the key items to focus on to manage and maintain your PR journey so that you’ll eliminate any feelings of confusion or overwhelm.

You’ll know exactly how to infuse and implement PR into your business on a monthly basis so that you will start to see the needle moving within days and weeks of starting the program.

In Inner Circle, you’ll get instant access to a comprehensive roadmap for your business growth—rooted in universal spiritual principles.

The only way to truly step into the next phase of your journey is to make the commitment to it.

If you normally say, “NO, BUT…” How about shifting that to “YES, AND…”

It’s time for your passion and purpose to be louder than any fears of the spotlight!

Click below to get your Lifetime Access to the Inner Circle.

“I am so grateful to Heather Burgett for her PR coaching in Inner Circle! I love her holistic approach. A huge aspect is mindset and persistence because let’s face it, putting ourselves out there for the whole world to see is not exactly the easiest thing for everyone to do. The process itself can bring up ALL KINDS of inner dialogue that may not be the super friendly kind if you know what I mean. I highly recommend Heather’s course if this is something you’re looking to incorporate into your biz.”

– Maria Brannon, CEO / social media strategist and business owner

“Heather Burgett, you are the driving inspiration for me to keep at it…this month I’ve been quoted in twice, as well as once last month. Two weeks ago, I was interviewed by First For Women for an article on women who make money online teaching from their expertise. And, I just got another heads-up from a HARO pitch I did 6 weeks ago, and I’m included in an article for Washington State Kitchen & Bath.”

– Jody Costello, CEO & founder, Contractors from Hell

“Heather is not only extremely patient, kind and knowledgeable, but has a unique ability to understand where you are and come up with solutions and strategies for your PR needs. I have learned how to understand what makes a good story…and most importantly how to LEVERAGE it so that I can help more people. If you have a product or service that MORE PEOPLE need to know about, Heather will share her expertise with you so that you can do just that. Many lives can be changed by getting your business in front of them, but first, you need to TAKE THE PLUNGE…The only problem you will have, is that you didn’t do it sooner!”

– Lacey Book, CEO / chiropractor and business owner

“THANK YOU!!! You have provided such value and knowledge with everyone and it’s obvious you care deeply about people and helping them succeed. I TRULY can not thank you enough for your guidance. I’d be running 100mph banging into all kinds of errors without your guidance and experience. Your support and vibrant energy make me excited about the possibilities!”

– Lauren White, actress

“Your PR Stars Inner Circle is really SO good! You’re really good, and I love your guest experts! I love it! I wasn’t interested in doing PR myself and almost didn’t join, but I’m glad I did because I’m getting so much more than I expected! Thanks so much, Heather.”

– Dianne Collins, award-winning author, Do You QuantumThink?

Are you ready for more people say YES to you?

It's time to go from Unknown to Unforgettable!