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Making Friends with Foundr Magazine

As I’ve been moving into the online business space, one of the invaluable resources that I’ve discovered is Foundr magazine, which is geared towards young entrepreneurs.

This post is not only to highlight my new friends at Foundr, but I also want to share to the power of developing authentic relationships with the media and the value of contributing articles.

You can only get Foundr Magazine by subscribing via the app, but you can also follow them—along with 1 million other followers—on Instagram (@foundr), join the Foundr Club, take their Instagram Domination course, read the blog or listen to Nathan Chan‘s podcast—all amazing resources!

Nathan Chan and his team are truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs. I was able to host a Foundr Club meet-up for the Los Angeles-based members when Nathan was passing through LA from Melbourne, as he was on his way to interview Tony Robbins in New York. Nathan is just as passionate about entrepreneurship in-person as he is on his podcasts. He spent the whole night sharing stories and even gave step-by-step advice to people who had questions specific to their own businesses. He truly oozes this stuff as if it were in his blood.

Another exciting moment with my new friends was when Foundr gave me a caption shout out on Instagram after I completed their Instagram Domination program. I was flattered by the quote they chose to say was inspired by me, and it didn’t hurt that they have 1 million followers. I actually have an early edition of Norman Vincent Peale’s “Power of Positive Thinking,” which I treasure. And as an eternal optimist, they couldn’t have hit the nail more on the head.

I also contributed an article to the magazine’s April 2017 issue, revealing my signature PR formula.

Writing contributing articles is an excellent way to establish authority, expert status and credibility. I always work with my PR clients on having them write contributing articles because it’s an excellent way to start appearing regularly in the mainstream media.

Here are the first couple pages of the article. Find the magazine in the App Store & enjoy!

And the fun continues…Next up, I’ll be contributing to the Foundr blog.

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