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What People Are Saying About Visibility Expert Heather Burgett…

“We’ve got one of the best PR people in the world here.”
– Top 100 Business Coach David Meltzer introducing Heather on “Office Hours”

“What you bring is far beyond metrics. It’s spiritual. I’ve never had so much publicity!”
– Holly Dowling, Global Keynote Speaker

Kriya Lendzion
Leading Teen Addiction Prevention Expert

Theresa Vee
Spiritual Coach & Speaker

Laurel Harris
Producer & Actor


Liz Bloomfield
Executive Director, Ripple Effects Images &
Social Impact Coach

Lily Shaw
Actress, Writer & Speaker

Leslie Saglio
Women’s Empowerment Coach, TEDx Speaker


Giovannie Cruz
Actress, Filmmaker & Consultant

Rebeccah Silence
Emotional Healing Coach, Author & Media Personality

Sage Lavine
Business Coach, Women Rocking Business

Sarah Blake
Award-winning Conflict Strategist, Mediator and TEDx Speaker

Paul Barry
Symposium Director, Executive Networking Events


Ron Malhotra
Award-winning Wealth Specialist, Business Advisor & Thought Leader

Sonia Jackson
 Film, TV & Stage Actress / Founder, Visions of Possibilities

Rebeccah Silence
Emotional Release Coach, “Healing IS Possible”

Maggie McCollester
Actress & Producer, Harbinger Moon Media

Laurel Harris
Emmy-winning Producer, Actress & CEO of Laurel Leaf Productions

Elizabeth Prather
Mindfulness Mentor & Consultant

Lily Shaw
Actress & Motivational Speaker

Kate Huffman
Performer & Body Image Coach

Kevin Owyang
Actor, Director & Diversity Advocate

Rebeccah Silence
Emotional Healing & Relationship Coach

Natalie Klun
Business & Online Marketing Consultant

Jody Costello
Leading Home Renovation Consultant

Seema Giri
Wellness Consultant & Publisher

Ashley Mason
CEO & Founder, Dash of Social

Stacey Maltin & Dani Tenenbaum
Filmmakers & Co-founders, Bold Compass Films

Robin Solo
CEO & Founder, Turning Point Pilates

“I am so very appreciative of Heather Burgett’s hard work to put my 
Legacy Plan in the spotlight of the U.S. and international media.

– Mama Sarah Obama, U.S. President Barack Obama’s Grandmother & 
Founder, Mama Sarah Obama Foundation

A highlight of my year is getting to know and work with you!! I never knew PR could be so heart-centered!!! …already led me to two interviews—one with Authority Magazine! So, thank you, thank you!”

– Heather Herington, wellness expert and author

“THANK YOU!!! You have provided such value and knowledge with everyone and it’s obvious you care deeply about people and helping everyone succeed. I TRULY cannot thank you enough for your guidance. I’d be running 100mph banging into all kinds of errors without your guidance and experience. Your support and vibrant energy make me excited about the possibilities!

Lauren White, actress

Yesterday, I was thinking how grateful I am that made the leap [into the Shine Online Mastermind]…As you know, I was on the fence and thought about waiting, but I’ve gotten so much from it so far that it would have been a huge mistake if I would have waited.”

Natalie Klun, CEO / Online Networking & Business Strategist

“Heather Burgett, you are the driving inspiration for me to keep at it…this month I’ve been quoted in twice, as well as once last month. Two weeks ago, I was interviewed by First For Women for an article on women who make money online teaching from their expertise. And, I just got another heads-up from a HARO pitch I did 6 weeks ago, and I’m included in an article for Washington State Kitchen & Bath.”

– Jody Costello, CEO & Consultant, Contractors from Hell

“Heather is not only extremely patient, kind and knowledgeable, but has a unique ability to understand where you are and come up with solutions and strategies for your PR needs. I have learned how to understand what makes a good story…and most importantly how to LEVERAGE it so that I can help more people. If you have a product or service that MORE PEOPLE need to know about, Heather will share her expertise with you so that you can do just that. Many lives can be changed by getting your business in front of them, but first, you need to TAKE THE PLUNGE…The only problem you will have, is that you didn’t do it sooner!

Lacey Book, CEO / chiropractor and business owner

“I am so grateful to Heather Burgett for her PR coaching! I love her holistic approach. A huge aspect is mindset and persistence because let’s face it, putting ourselves out there for the whole world to see is not exactly the easiest thing for everyone to do. The process itself can bring up ALL KINDS of inner dialogue that may not be the super friendly kind if you know what I mean. I highly recommend Heather’s course if this is something you’re looking to incorporate into your biz.”

Maria Brannon, CEO / social media strategist and business owner

Jon Anderson of YES
“I have found you to be a lovely person to deal with, and
I appreciate all the work that you have done.”


– Jon Anderson, Rockstar & Legendary Voice of YES,
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

Thank you for your tremendous support over the years. You have been instrumental in creating ‘my story’ for Suite 100 and Creative Registry—the success definitely could not be had without you.”

– Susan Manrao,
CEO & Founder, Susan Manrao Design
Lori Jung

Heather is a true PR superstar. I learned so very much working with her together on the launch of an independent film. She understands the fluidity and ins-and-outs of a really demanding industry. She’s a phenomenal teacher and true professional.”

– Lori Jung,
Brand Architect & Publicist, Hudson West PR
Lisa Gache Beverly Hills Manners

“It is the first time I can sincerely say that paying for PR has provided actual results. I have truly enjoyed working together. As always, you have been tremendously helpful, supportive, patient and kind—my rock!

-Lisa Gaché,
CEO & Founder, Beverly Hills Manners

“I loved the whole PR Bootcamp! To see it presented in a complete format made me realize that I can actually do some of those things. I never seriously considered writing a book, articles or being on local news. Also, creating a product to sell other than my design services was inspiring. Your workbooks are motivating me to actualize my ideas!

– Leilani Chirino,
Interior Designer and Sacred Space Consultant

Ashley Mason

Heather taught me everything I need to know about PR—crafting a pitch, finding the right publication, creating a PR strategy, and more! Working with Heather is one of the best investments I could have made. It really helped me to have a more complete marketing strategy. If you’re looking to take control of your PR,
Heather is your girl!

– Ashley Mason,
CEO and Founder, Dash of Social

Whether you are novice or seasoned in your branding and PR, Heather takes you to a higher level. She is crystal clear, creative, and what a succinct communicator! Through her expert work, you connect to who you are and how you want to be known – to your clients and in the world – and this activates a most powerful attraction factor.”

– Dianne Collins,
Creator of QuantumThink®,
Media Personality & 8x Award-Winning Author

Your instincts are right on point. This coaching has been SO helpful, enlightening and amazing. I appreciate everything, and I feel a lot more confident in my own PR and marketing capabilities!

– Suzanne Norman,
CEO & Founder, Enlightened Living

Johnathan Zuang

“You helped us realize that it’s possible for us to do PR ourselves. You’ve really demystified it for us.”

– Johnathan Zuang,
CEO & Founder, Capsule Labs

Robin Solo

“Working with you was the catalyst that pushed me into high gear. It stepped everything up by 300%! Your program also was the impetus for me deciding to expand my services, as well as helping me identify, claim and own my broader expertise.”

– Robin Solo,
CEO & Founder, Turning Point Pilates

“Heather has proven her worth over and over again. Showing she can perform under the highest degree of scrutiny and most difficult of circumstances—with results that exceed all expectations. Whether providing PR services for a Gala fundraiser or welcoming the wives of 15 country leaders, her contributions have been enormous and above and beyond what was expected of her and her team. She is a consummate professional who takes great pride in her work and her work product, and I have been very fortunate to be able to use her services for so many different events.

– Anthony Severini, Entrepreneur / Producer 
US Doctors for Africa; Beverly Hills Film Festival


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