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A 6-month Mastermind for Women in Business Who Are Ready to Amplify their Visibility, Impact & Income

You’re here because you want:

Top-tier press to attract your ideal audience

To be seen as a world-class influential leader in your industry

An easier & less-expensive way to reach more people
(bye bye, Facebook Ads!)

You’re here because you want:

Top-tier press to attract your ideal audience

To be seen as a world-class influential leader in your industry

An easier & less-expensive way to reach more people
(bye bye, Facebook Ads!)

And, I know exactly what’s holding you back from getting more visible:

  • A fear or limiting belief  AND/OR
  • Not knowing the steps or “how to do it”

10x Your Income Like Rebeccah Whose Visibility Went Through the Stratosphere

Founders, Coaches, Consultants & Creatives...

I’m Heather Burgett, an award-winning publicist & transformational business coach, and I implore you to…

Stop donating your money to Zuckerberg for costly Facebook ads.

Ditch the hustle-struggle cycle and leave the overdelivering and under-earning behind.

Say good-bye to endless social posting and wasting your time on non-income generating activities.

Instead… Have fun being featured as an expert in mainstream dream press. (Think your favorite print & online magazines, TV & radio shows, popular podcasts and high profile blogs!)

Enjoy being of service to your audience doing what you love, while you enter the flow of prosperity.

Magazines in a Pile

Leaving past beliefs behind...

PR isn't just for famous people!

Award-winning publicist Heather Burgett with actors Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green at Bob Saget’s Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine Fundraiser

Welcome to a new way of BEING…When you lean into your deeper PURPOSE and higher VISIBILITY, everything clicks into place with ease and grace.

Yes, I’ve worked with big names, but PR isn’t just for them! It’s for you too. And I can teach you how to get it!

Until now, you’ve likely struggled with OLD PARADIGM thinking that it takes “hard work,” “too much money,” and that “PR is for famous people” or “later.” 

Or maybe you’ve thought, “Who am I” to do it.

MINDSET SHIFT: Doing publicity now IS THE THING that gets you known as a household name.

So, let’s bust through any Visibility Blocks and get you a PLAN with SIMPLE STEPS to work smarter, not harder, so you can reach more people with your powerful message or movement.

P.S. And this isn’t about YOU doing all the work. You’re the VISIONARY, and you get to DELEGATE. (Don’t worry, I’ll show you how!)

Imagine feeling ease, fun and totally lit up about sharing your message!

There are a myriad of free platforms available to you. 

“FREE PUBLICITY” really is a thing! 

What if it could be EASY to get yourself seen by the right audience?

What if it was as simple as sharing your essence through your writing, speaking and the media

With my signature soul-based Shine Strategies, you’ll learn to feel excitement
about putting yourself “out there.” 

Say GOOD-BYE to dread, fear and procrastination.

You’ll know the steps to confidently attract your dream audience and clients to YOU.

This ALIGNED VISIBILITY is what creates CONNECTION and ultimately, CURRENCY!

You’ll have more credibility and authority, which means you can also raise your rates.

A flow of new income generating opportunities come your way.

It feels like magic and miracles.

It’s really just YOU letting yourself SHINE as the powerful, influential leader you already are…and ALLOWING the world to respond.

Things Our Clients Say at Our Live Events in the Chat:

“Proud to be a Mastermind Client!”

“So Happy I joined SOM.”

“Great community!!!”

“I did it for 18 months 🙂 Just couldn’t leave lol. Too valuable.”

“So grateful for SOM, it absolutely is transformational.”

Huge speaking gig next week…Huuuuuge impacts from your program, Heather!! Big stages, big money these days! $2 – 8k per gig. I did what you said and added a Zero to my speaker fee!”

“A luxury travel magazine approached me last week and is now running a feature on my nonprofit…They approached me, and I was totally ready to go, thanks to Heather!”

Ready to see if this program is a fit for you? Click below to apply:

The Transformation...


Life coach Rebeccah on how the program helped her get on TV news, get booked as a PAID podcast show host, and land a traditional book publishing deal, which led to 10x-ing her income and hiring a publicist.


Actor & consultant Giovannie went from Fears to Features in major newspapers and magazines; hosting a studio-sanctioned Blockbuster film screening; also raising her consulting rates 100%


Leading teen addiction prevention expert Kriya on doubling her income and audience, gaining clarity in her positioning, owning her expertise and going viral on TikTok — with just one video getting 426k views!

Your life before the program:

Your life after the program:


Up-level your global online presence, get visible to your ideal audience and make a big difference in the world—alongside Heather and a small group of powerhouse women. 

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn...

Welcome to your highly personalized journey into higher visibility.
Over 6 months, you’ll integrate the 6 Shine Online Pillars into your business. This includes all the alignment, mindset, strategy and steps that it takes to stand out and be seen so you can magnetize your audience, monetize your special gifts and make a bigger impact in the world.

pillar 1 - The Path to Powerful presence

Business & Publicity Foundations

Yayyy!!! First, set the stage for your success! This is about your big picture VISION and creating the PLAN for your journey into higher visibility. It’s time to make sure you’re on track with your offerings and that we know what you’re publicizing & promoting.

pillar 2 - positioning

Purpose & Message Clarity

Let’s polish your gems of genius into diamond-like clarity! You’ll quickly define your purpose and brand story, then, you’ll master how to establish your voice as a global thought leader.

pillar 3 - packaging your SHINE

Your Soul-Aligned Personal Brand

Would you like to package and present your brilliance in a way that FEELS GOOD? Discover how to create and share your heart-centered and purpose-driven personal brand in an authentic way.

pillar 4 - Presenting you & your SERVICE

Monetize Your Magic

When you’re being of service to your ideal audience and clients, it’s easy to make aligned invitations for your marketable offerings. Speaking opportunities are another key way to attract prosperity

pillar 5 - press power

Mainstream Visibility

Be the BUZZ you want to see! Your awareness and visibility is elevating your online presence and growing your audience. It’s time to take it up a notch and leverage the power of traditional mainstream media. Your Digital PR is all about merging this type of exposure with your presence in the new media AND your OWNED media

pillar 6 - omnipresence

Leverage Your Wins & Go Global

Now that you’re getting all these awesome results and being seen everywhere, let’s share and leverage your wins! Continue to grow your global community and catapult yourself to new heights. This is a time to use your wins and elevated authority to nurture and build relationships with VIP dream collaborators and raise your prices.


What our clients are saying...


Spiritual teacher Theresa on gaining clarity, focus and enjoyment in her business & purpose “for the first time in a long time”; how she created an actual plan and is on track to reach 2 million with her messages


Emmy-winning producer / actor Laurel on her wins, like a Variety International Exclusive Feature, and evergreen tools she gained to leverage her visibility to attract investors for her production company


Tedx speaker & Women’s Empowerment Coach Leslie on her first global announcement and how the next target is Vogue…and how she knew this program was the missing piece in her journey as a leader.

The experience

What You Can Have...

Plus, You'll also get

The support you will have access to includes...

Live Group coaching

Weeks 1, 2 & 3 of each month, you’ll have live coaching calls with Heather and her coaches. Week 4 is for integration and implementation.

backstage Pass

You get all access to my trainings, videos, templates, checklists, cheat sheets, guides—and more—that you could ever need to feel supported.

Content & copy support

Get live done-with-you feedback on your collateral, including press kits, bios, websites, etc. Get better at crafting your message and offerings to compel and convert.

online community

You’ll have peer-to-peer support and can also ask for help from Heather and her team in the Private Facebook group.

Media Contacts

You’ll get custom media lists and also have access to some of Heather’s top-tier media contacts who are happy to connect with her members.

Frequency activations

Heather is an energy healer who also brings in world-class healing coaches and spiritual teachers to help support you with alignment & mindset.

Access to Live Events

You’ll get first dibs and free VIP access to any of Heather’s Live Virtual Events.

Guest experts

Heather brings in her high-level expert friends and colleagues to share their genius with you.

Bonus trainings

You’ll receive bonus workshops and trainings on topics you need to succeed.

Program Bonuses

APPLY to enroll now and get these 3 bonuses included:

Private Coaching

This is a hybrid program, so you’ll also get one-on-one private coaching and consultation sessions with Heather, as well as her team of top level coaches in the areas of strategy, copy, media and PR.


Green Room

6 months of access to this incredible library of VIP resources organized by category. In this index, you’ll find video trainings, media lists handouts, templates, swipe files, cheat sheets, checklists, bonus resources, and more.

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 10.39.30 PM

Client Portal

You’ll get Lifetime Access to all the additional content you receive in the client portal, which includes the below bonuses. This is essentially the best of all of my teachings in one place.

Fast Action Bonuses

APPLY now and you’ll also be eligible for these additional bonus programs and resources, totally FREE!

A $2,000 value

Stars Aligned PR Bootcamp

Experience a fast-paced journey through my signature 6-step P.R. S.T.A.R. formula to plan and execute your very own PR campaign.


A $2,000 value

PR Stars Inner Circle

Join your peers in getting your own PR without an agency. You’ll learn the same strategies I’ve used to secure publicity and high visibility for rockstars and billionaires!

A $997+ value

PR Stars Resource Library

Get access to my growing resource library that features videos trainings, live event replays, templates, pdf handouts, and more.


So Many Wins!


Actress & speaker Lily on finding her purpose and message clarity to tell her unique story and inspire others; Lily landed a whole new team of aligned reps, including a manager and agent. She also launched her first show.


Non-profit exec. director Liz on how she had a complete shift and revelation on how she was showing up to launching a whole new business as a thriving social impact business and winning a grant for women entrepreneurs.

My Personal Guarantee

I personally guarantee that I will deliver the same guidance and expertise that I have delivered to my clients in the past 20+ years in helping them increase their visibility to bring their biggest dreams to fruition.

How it works

Here’s what happens when you APPLY...

apply Now

Click the button below to apply now for a spot in the program. This will take you to my scheduler and an intake form.

Receive an email

You’ll receive a confirmation email for your scheduled time for us to discuss your application and if the program is a fit.

We'll meet

We meet to discuss your goals and how I can help you get to the other side of them. If it feels like a fit on both sides, we’ll discuss next steps for enrollment.

Meet Your Mentor

About Heather Burgett

Heather Burgett is an award-winning publicist, visibility expert and transformational business coach. She is the CEO & founder of The Burgett Group PR Agency and PR Stars online programs.

In the past 25+ years, Heather has represented Grammy® and Oscar®  winners, authors, billionaires, celebrities, philanthropists, rockstars and top brands. She also holds 500+ hours in Healing Arts training.

Heather helps purpose-driven business owners land in the mainstream media so they can impact a global audience and make a big difference in the world.

Her signature approach to elevating the profiles of soul-led women in business blends universal spiritual principles and business strategy with PR & marketing consultation.

Featured in:


You've got questions? We have answers!

If you’re an established person in your career, you believe in your message and want to get it out there on a bigger scale, then this is for you. Also, if you’re pivoting into a new direction, you’re exactly the type of person that Heather can help position as an expert in your industry.

Heather is very selective about who she works with, thus the application process. She never lets money be a reason for someone to not get what they want. She encourages her potential clients to FEEL into whether or not they really want this, and if they do, we first want to see if the program is a fit on both sides before discussing investment options. After applying and meeting with Heather, and if it is a fit, Heather will share with you the investment options that are available to you. If this is something your really want and are 100% committed to doing, then, we at PR Stars will do everything we can to help you get what you want.

Most participants invest at least 2 hours per week into the program. Like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out of it. This also can be time divided up between you and your team—from interns to a low cost virtual assistant.

You’ll get access to Heather’s library of media contacts, and if there’s ever anyone that’s not on her lists, she and her team will research and pull their contact info for you. She’s there every step of the way when you are building your relationships with the media and generating your media placements, so she can advise you on what to say—or what NOT to say—to ensure the most optimal outcome.

100%. One of our core values is doing business from a connected, heart-centered place. You’ll set up an accountability partner and a Board of Directors within the group. We’ve seen so much synergy happen in there. New friends for life, collaborations to cross-promote, invitations to be on each other’s shows, in books, and more.

This is about investing for the purpose of a return on your investment, so everything we are doing is to ensure that you move the needle forward in your business. There can never be a guarantee on what your specific results will be, like anything in life, but Heather can 100% guarantee that when you follow her guidance, follow the plan and implement the strategies she gives you, that you are sure to put yourself in a position to get noticed and picked up, featured, sponsored, paid more, and a myriad of other endless opportunities that take you to the next level in your career.

We strive to ensure you’re satisfied with our products and your results. 

As a result of the extended effort, preparation, and care that are put into creating and providing the mastermind, as well as the digital nature of the product there are no refunds. However, Heather does give her Personal Guarantee that she will deliver the same guidance and expertise that she have delivered to her clients in the past 20+ years in helping them increase their visibility to reach their ideal audience.

PR Stars stands by the quality of its programs and services and knows that incredible value is being delivered at extremely fair prices. PR Stars is also committed to helping each member have success, so it is up to each member to ask for help if he or she is struggling in any way. The individual must claim responsibility for his or her own commitment to the programs, and the level of results will always reflect the member’s level of participation and implementation.

Since starting these online programs in 2017, not one person has ever asked for a refund.

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.30.27 PM
Heather Burgett is a PR sorceress who helped me to develop and understand the various behind-the-scenes pieces needed to be a world-renowned teacher and entertainer. She gently and firmly helped me to stretch my PR muscles and held me accountable to create my own fate in terms of success and visibility—understanding the support I need and finding the path of least resistance to get there. She also worked her energetic juju which uncovered some limiting beliefs and patterns that were so subtle that they had been completely overlooked for years. 

– Theresa

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.33.14 PM

Heather Burgett is a true alchemist! She helps cultivate cohesion between the mind and the heart, as a more transformational approach to business. Her wisdom, expertise, and spiritual badassery, illuminates greater possibilities and a grander perspective of your business, offerings, and own brand of creative genius. She has helped me stand in my light, and step into more expansive, aligned and satiating opportunities.
– Megan

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.30.12 PM

Heather Burgett has helped me find my voice and embrace my life story! She helped me create the foundation I needed to stand out as my most empowered self. We traveled into the messy cave of my past and discovered diamonds that I’ll now wear as a tiara to shine in the world, and truly make a difference. Heather is my champion, and is always striving to help me break through barriers. I’m a more confident woman and actress because of my work with her, and am now fully ready to receive all possibilities life has to offer me! She has a special place in my life, now and forever:)
– Lily

Contact Us

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

We’d love to answer any of your questions about the Shine Online Mastermind. You can email us directly at and we’ll be in touch within 24 – 48 business hours.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
At PR Stars, our programs are largely women-centric due to Heather’s audience being 85% women.
We believe that Black Lives Matter, all LGTBQIA+ are equal and all people regardless of age, size, race, gender, religion or ability deserve a safe space to get the visibility support that they need. A
ll are welcome to apply to work with Heather.

We believe in the spirit of contribution and paying it forward. A portion of all proceeds from our programs go towards charitable and non-profit organizations that are close to our heart, including Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen (WCK)
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Heal the Bay, among others.