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Visibility Crash Course

Release the Top 3 Blocks Keeping You Invisible So You Can
Start Being Seen by Your Ideal Audience & Clients

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FREE Masterclass
($197 value)
January 23, 2021 – LIVE
Noon – 1:30 pm Pacific Time

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with Award-winning Publicist Heather Burgett


ATTN: Heart-Centered Women in Business

Are you tired of not generating enough income?

Whether it’s endlessly churning out social media content or trying the latest marketing fad, you’ve done it all.

 It takes A LOT of time and energy to make online strategies work, and you’re wondering if there’s a better way.

I’m here to say there is a solution!

The issue isn’t the strategies you’re implementing…it’s YOU.

You’re likely stuck in old patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you.

– You’ve had some success, but your career has plateaued.

– You’re looking for a way to breakthrough to the 6 or 7 figure mark.

– AND, you’re still stuck playing small and hiding in the shadows.

I’m here to teach you a tried and true method for attracting clients:


You don’t need to spend $120,000.00 per year on a PR agency to get the exposure necessary to build your audience.

You can do this for yourself!

As an award-winning publicist, I’ll show you my Shine Strategies that I’ve used to enhance the online presence of unknown underdogs to Global Rockstars. 

My approach is simple, incredibly effective, and doesn’t change every month like a social media algorithm. 

You’ll discover how to get featured in the press to skyrocket your visibility.

It will become your favorite way to easily grow your audience
and get more gigs or clients!


We need to address and clear the Top 3 Blocks that come up when stepping into High Visibility—because they’re why you’re still playing small!

Without this block clearing, you can implement all the strategies in the world and still stay locked in the exhausting and overwhelming
hustle / struggle cycle!

Imagine if your dreams were attainable with ease, grace and joy! 

I’m here to help you breakthrough to the next level of your journey, which requires YOU reclaiming your POWER so you can SHINE ONLINE.

Attend this FREE LIVE Masterclass:
January 23, 2021
Noon – 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time


Words from Women Who Use Heather’s Strategies:

This is for established women in business who are tired of struggling to find their audience. 

I will show you how to get VISIBLE so that your ideal clients can FIND YOU.

In this Virtual Class, You'll Get:

Reach more people, and establish yourself as the “Go-To” expert in your industry!

FREE Live Masterclass (Value $197+)

Heather Burgett_Headshot 2018

Meet Heather

Heather Burgett is an award-winning publicist and spiritual business coach. She is the CEO & founder of The Burgett Group PR Agency.

In the past 20+ years, Heather has represented Grammy® and Oscar® winners, authors, billionaires, celebrities, philanthropists, rockstars and top brands. She also holds 500+ hours in Healing Arts training.

Through her PR Stars Online Programs, Heather helps heart-centered and soulful consultants & creatives up-level their online presence and land in the mainstream media to get visible, grow a global audience, and impact the world with their messages. 

You'll Discover How to:

Let go of the fear of judgement about what others
will think or say about you

Release old thinking and patterns that are holding you back from
sharing your gifts with the world

Step into the absolute confidence of your value and expertise so you can truly SHINE and be of service in the world to the people who are looking for you NOW

FREE Live Masterclass
(Value $197+)

It's Time to Go From Unknown to Known!

What People Are Saying...

– Elizabeth Prather,
Mindfullness Mentor & Consultant

– Lily Shaw,
Actress & Motivational Speaker

– Kate Huffman,
 Performer & 
Body Image Coach

– Rebeccah Silence, 
Emotional Release Life Coach

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